Dive Into Summer with Stylish Kohl’s Swimsuits: Find the Perfect Kohl’s Swimsuit for Your Beach Getaway

Explore the Latest Trends: Discover the Hottest Styles in Kohl’s Swimsuits

Are you ready to hit the beach or lounge by the poolside in style? Look no further than Kohl’s for the hottest trends in swimsuits. With a vast selection of styles, colors, and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect swimsuit to make a splash this summer.

Unleash your Inner Fashionista

Explore the Latest Trends: Discover the Hottest Styles in Kohl’s Swimsuits

Are you ready to hit the beach or lounge by the poolside in style? Look no further than Kohl’s for the hottest trends in swimsuits. With a vast selection of styles, colors, and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect swimsuit to make a splash this summer.

Unleash your Inner Fashionista

Kohl’s understands that everyone has their unique style when it comes to swimsuits. Whether you prefer a classic one-piece or a trendy bikini, our collection has something for everyone. Stay on top of the latest swimwear fashion by checking out these hot styles:

1. High-Waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are making a major comeback this summer. Not only do they provide extra coverage and support, but they also accentuate your curves for a flattering look. Pair them with a matching bikini top or a stylish tankini for a chic and retro-inspired ensemble.

2. Bold Prints

Make a statement with swimsuits featuring bold prints. From tropical florals to geometric patterns, these eye-catching designs will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Embrace your adventurous side and show off your unique sense of style with confidence.

3. Cut-Out Details

Add a touch of edginess to your swimwear collection with cut-out details. These strategic cut-outs reveal just the right amount of skin, creating a sexy and sophisticated look. Whether it’s a side cut-out or a trendy crisscross design, you’ll definitely turn heads wherever you go.

4. Sporty and Functional

For those who love to stay active at the beach or participate in water sports, Kohl’s offers a range of sporty and functional swimsuits. Look for features such as built-in bras, adjustable straps, and chlorine-resistant materials. Don’t compromise on style while enjoying your outdoor activities.

Why Choose Kohl’s?

When it comes to shopping for swimsuits, Kohl’s has got you covered from head to toe. With an easy-to-navigate website, convenient shopping options, and a generous return policy, you can enjoy a stress-free experience. Our commitment to quality ensures that you’ll receive a swimsuit that not only looks great but also lasts for multiple seasons.

What are you waiting for? Dive into the latest swimwear trends and explore the wide variety of styles available at Kohl’s. From fashionable bikinis to comfortable one-pieces, there’s a swimsuit for every body type and personal style. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – make a statement this summer with Kohl’s swimsuits.

  • Wide selection of styles, colors, and sizes
  • Trending designs and patterns
  • Quality materials and durable construction
  • Convenient and stress-free shopping experience
  • Perfect for every body type

Experience the hottest styles in swimsuits. Shop at Kohl’s today and be the envy of the beach.

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Style Price Range
One-Piece $30 – $60
Bikini $20 – $40
Tankini $25 – $50

Choosing the Right Fit: Tips and Tricks for Finding Your Perfect Kohl’s Swimsuit


Are you ready to hit the beach in style this summer? Look no further than Kohl’s for the perfect swimsuit that will make you feel confident and fabulous. With a wide range of styles and sizes, finding the right fit can be overwhelming. But worry not! In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks to help you find your perfect Kohl’s swimsuit.

Know Your Body Type

Before diving into the world of swimsuit shopping, it’s important to know your body type. Understanding your body shape will guide you towards the most flattering style of swimsuit. Whether you have an hourglass figure, pear-shaped, athletic, or apple-shaped, Kohl’s has a variety of options to accentuate your best features and boost your confidence.

Measurements Are Key

When it comes to choosing the right swimsuit, accurate measurements are essential. Take out that measuring tape and note down your bust, waist, and hip measurements. Kohl’s offers a convenient size chart, making it easier for you to find the perfect size. Remember, a well-fitting swimsuit not only enhances your figure but also provides comfort and support.

Styles and Cuts

Kohl’s offers a wide range of swimsuit styles and cuts to suit every body type. Whether you prefer a one-piece, bikini, tankini, or swim dress, they have it all. If you want to emphasize your curves, opt for a high-waisted bikini or a ruched one-piece. For those looking for more coverage, a swim dress or a tankini with a tummy control panel will be perfect. Whatever your taste or preference, Kohl’s has you covered.

Fabric and Comfort

Nothing ruins a beach day faster than an uncomfortable swimsuit. Kohl’s understands the importance of both fashion and comfort. Look for swimsuits made from high-quality fabrics that provide durability and stretch. Choose options with adjustable straps, underwire, or built-in bras for extra support. Don’t forget to consider features such as quick-drying and chlorine-resistant materials, especially if you are a frequent swimmer.

Customer Reviews

When in doubt, turn to the power of customer reviews. Kohl’s website allows customers to leave honest feedback regarding their purchases. Take advantage of this valuable insight from fellow shoppers to get a better idea of how the swimsuits fit, feel, and hold up after multiple uses. This will help you make an informed decision and find the swimsuit that suits you best.


Finding your perfect swimsuit at Kohl’s is easier than ever. By knowing your body type, taking accurate measurements, exploring various styles, considering fabric and comfort, and reading customer reviews, you can confidently select a swimsuit that will make you feel fabulous on your next beach outing. Remember, the key is to embrace your unique beauty and enjoy the summer sun with confidence!

Kohl’s not only offers fashionable swimsuits but also provides excellent customer service and a seamless shopping experience. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your swimwear—shop at Kohl’s today!

Get Ready to Slay the Beach with Kohl’s Must-Have Swimwear Accessories

When it comes to hitting the beach in style, completing your look with the perfect swimwear accessories is a must. Say goodbye to boring beach outfits and hello to head-turning beach fashion with Kohl’s trendy swimwear add-ons. From fabulous hats to chic cover-ups and everything in between, we’ve got you covered for your next beach getaway. So, let’s dive into the must-have accessories that will help you slay the beach like a true fashionista.

1. Stylish Sun Hats

Protect yourself from the scorching sun rays while adding an extra touch of elegance to your beach look with Kohl’s stunning selection of sun hats. Whether you prefer a wide-brimmed floppy hat or a trendy straw fedora, we have the perfect hat to complement your style and protect your face from harmful UV rays. Not only will you look effortlessly chic, but you’ll also feel confident as you soak up the sun.

2. Gorgeous Cover-Ups

No beach look is complete without a fabulous cover-up. Kohl’s offers an extensive range of stylish cover-ups that will transform your swimsuit into a versatile and fashionable ensemble. From breezy kaftans to bohemian-inspired maxi dresses, our collection boasts various designs, colors, and patterns to suit every taste. Step off the sand and effortlessly transition from beach to bar with these stylish cover-ups.

3. Trendy Beach Bags

Carry your beach essentials in style with Kohl’s trendy beach bags. Our collection features a variety of spacious totes, fashionable backpacks, and cute straw bags that are both functional and stylish. Whether you need room for your sunscreen, beach towel, or a good book, our beach bags have you covered. With their eye-catching designs and durable construction, these bags are the perfect accessory to complete your beach ensemble.

4. Statement Sunglasses

No beach look is complete without a stunning pair of sunglasses. Find your perfect shades at Kohl’s extensive collection of statement sunglasses. From classic aviators to oversized cat-eye frames, we have the trendiest styles to suit your face and elevate your beach fashion game. Not only will you protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, but you’ll also make a bold fashion statement with our sunglasses collection.

5. Comfy Flip Flops

Complete your beach look with the ultimate summer footwear – comfy flip flops from Kohl’s. Our range includes a variety of stylish flip flops that offer both comfort and style. Whether you prefer simple rubber flip flops or embellished sandals, we have options to suit every foot and fashion taste. These essentials will keep you comfortable and fashionable as you stroll along the beach or relax by the poolside.


Don’t settle for an ordinary beach look when you can turn heads with Kohl’s must-have swimwear accessories. From stylish sun hats to glamorous cover-ups, trendy beach bags, statement sunglasses, and comfy flip flops – we have everything you need to complete your beach ensemble. Shop today and become the ultimate beach fashionista with Kohl’s.

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